Swedish Massage

(Available in both Halifax & Ottawa)


Swedish Massage

Choose from either relaxation or deep tissue.

Relaxation Massage
The benefits of this relaxing massage are to calm the nervous system, strengthen the immune system, improve circulation and to decrease muscle tightness caused by emotional and physical stress.

Deep Tissue
Therapeutic massage involves the assessment and treatment of the soft tissues and joints of the body to achieve a therapeutic response.  The initial treatment includes: consultation, assessment, treatment plan, massage and home care advice.

Enhance your treatment with the addition of Hot Stones or Cupping

Hot stones
Experience all the benefits of a massage with the added healing properties of warm stones.  The stones will be used for various muscles for deep relaxation.


Cupping Massage (Halifax only)

Where traditional massage has a typically compressive force on the tissue, cupping massage is the opposite; using negative pressure to create a suction force which draws the tissue upwards into the cup.

Cupping is a technique which allows for a unique approach to affect deeper tissues by breaking up and removing fascial restrictions, while encouraging blood and fluid circulation and sedating the nervous system.  Cupping can be an effective treatment option for decreasing muscle tension, joint stiffness and chronic inflammation, while increasing range of motion and overall tissue health.



1480 Carlton Street, Unit 2

Halifax, NS B3H 3B7

 T: 902.431.0260

E:  laurenvansickle.halifax.rmt@gmail.com

457A Sussex Drive, Second Floor

Ottawa, ON K1N 6Z4

T: 613.241.4434

E: ottawa@myobalance.ca

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