Direct Billing Procedure

​Please call or email with your insurance details before your first appointment. This allows us the time to start the direct billing process on your behalf for your first appointment, otherwise you might be expected to make payment upfront until account is started.  

We also require clients to provide a credit card number to be kept on file to ensure we will be able to process the payment in the unlikely event payment is denied by the insurance company.  Note you will be notified prior to any payment being processed on your credit card and have the option of paying with another method.  Payment must be paid within 2 days of notification.

Note: Missed appointment fee will not be billed to insurance company.

We thank you for understanding our policy and we are happy to offer the convenience of direct billing. 

457A Sussex Drive, Second Floor

Ottawa, ON K1N 6Z4

T: 613.241.4434


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